AO Smith® geyser service centre in Serampore

AO Smith Customer Care for Geysers

AO Smith Geyser Service Center Contact (Expired Warranty)

Name: All India Service Center
PH: +91 9804 290 119 (Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM)
Address: Grand Trunk Rd, Serampore, Dakshin Rajyadharpur, West Bengal 712203

AO Smith Geyser customer care

Toll-free number: 1860 500 2468 / 1800 103 2468
Service-related queries: 022 – 4128 0000 (9.00 AM To 6.00 PM)
Customer support email: [email protected]
Customer support WhatsApp: 9606022468
Facebook Page:

    AO Smith Water Heater Service Barrackpore

    AO Smith addresses diverse water heating needs in Serampore with a selection of geysers in various capacities. For post-purchase assistance, authorized service centers, including Serampore, provide customers with convenient solutions. Residents can register service requests, inquire about warranties, or schedule geyser installation/repair at these locations. The All India Service Center, renowned for its prompt same-day service, stands out as a premier choice among AO Smith geyser service centers in Serampore. Easily accessible through calls, WhatsApp, or online submissions, customers enjoy efficient support. Covering crucial areas in Serampore, this service center ensures smooth AO Smith water heater servicing and repairs, cementing its status as a preferred geyser repair hub.

    AO Smith Geyser Services Offered

    AO Smith provides comprehensive geyser services in Serampore, facilitated by skilled AO Smith trained geyser technicians. These experts conduct general servicing, breakdown repairs, and installations for all AO Smith models, guaranteeing efficient water heaters. The range of services includes thorough inspection, genuine spare part replacements, gas recharging, and plumbing work. For regular maintenance, residents in Serampore have access to annual maintenance contracts, ensuring the continuous optimal performance of their AO Smith geysers. This seamless support is designed to enhance the overall functionality of AO Smith geysers, all thanks to the expertise of dedicated AO Smith geyser technicians.

    • AO Smith geyser installation and uninstallation
    • AO Smith geyser electrical geyser service in Serampore
    • AO Smith gas geyser service in Serampore
    • AO Smith geyser Water leaking issue service in Serampore
    • AO Smith geyser Overheating problem service in Serampore
    • AO Smith geyser Water is no heating service in Serampore
    • AO Smith geyser body / earthing problem service in Serampore
    • AO Smith geyser is not turning on service in Serampore
    • AO Smith geyser Hard water deposit service in Serampore
    • AO Smith geyser noise problem service in Serampore

    A O Smith Water Heater Service Charges

    The fees for A. O. Smith geyser services vary based on the specific service required—whether it’s general servicing, breakdown repair, or an annual maintenance contract. Factors like the type of geyser (gas or electric), its capacity, and the replacement of defective parts contribute to the overall cost. Location also plays a role, with higher charges in remote areas. Additional fees may be incurred for emergency or same-day services. The primary objective is to maintain a reasonable cost that corresponds to the complexity of the work involved. For a detailed estimate, customers are encouraged to contact A. O. Smith customer care before availing geyser repair service in Serampore.

    TasksService Charges (Excl. Spare Parts)
    Electric Geyser ServiceINR 300
    Gas Geyser ServiceINR 300
    Geyser Installation & UninstallationINR 300
    Geyser Not Heating or OverheatingINR 300
    Geyser Leaking WaterINR 300
    Geyser Earthing ProblemsINR 300
    Other Geyser ProblemsINR 300

    Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs ):

    AO Smith water heaters can last up to 6-10 years with proper maintenance.

    You can contact AO Smith for water heater support via phone or email. +91 9804 290 119

    There could be several reasons why an AO Smith water heater is not getting hot, including issues with the heating element or thermostat.

    Some AO Smith water heaters have self-cleaning features, but not all models do. It’s best to refer to the user manual or contact the manufacturer for specific information.