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    Washing Machine Repair Company In Kolkata

    Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal, is a metropolis with an expanding population relying heavily on appliances like washing machines to cope with busy lifestyles. This rise in washing machine usage has also led to an increase in breakdowns, causing inconvenience. Our washing machine service centre in Kolkata understands the necessity of washing machines in Kolkata households. With washing machine showrooms mushrooming across the city daily, we have the expertise to repair all major brands within 24 hours at your doorstep. Don’t let a faulty washing machine hamper your schedule. Hire our quick, reliable technicians to get it fixed in no time.

    Washing Machine Repair Shop Near Me In Kolkata

    All India Service Center, a reputed washing machine service provider in Kolkata, was established in 2011 to provide all kinds of home appliance repair services in Kolkata under one roof. With 12 highly skilled and experienced washing machine technicians, we specialize in the repair and installation of refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens and geysers. Trust our certified technicians at your doorstep for any washing machine breakdown.

    Washing Machine Repair Services Offered

    We repair all types of washing machines in Kolkata – front load, top load, fully automatic and semi-automatic models of all brands by diagnosing faults, replacing damaged parts and offering quick service with warranty. Our experienced technicians can fix any washing machine issue efficiently with high success rate.

    Front Load Washing Machine Repair in Kolkata

    Our expert technicians repair all front load washing machine brands and models, handling issues like not draining or spinning, water leakage, damaged drums and more by inspecting parts like pumps, motors, shock absorbers etc. We have over 5 years of experience in diagnosing and fixing front load washing machine problems.

    Top Load Washing Machine Repair in Kolkata

    We repair top load washing machines of all brands and models by diagnosing problems with agitators, drums, timers and other components, replacing any damaged parts to restore functioning. With a 96% success rate, we can get your top load washing machine working again quickly.

    Fully Automatic Washing Machine Repair in Kolkata

    Our technicians troubleshoot and fix fully automatic washing machines of all brands and models by inspecting control boards, motors and sensors and replacing any faulty parts. We offer a 1 month service warranty on all fully automatic washing machine repairs.

    Semi-Automatic Washing Machine Repair in Kolkata

    We provide repair services for semi-automatic washing machines of all brands and models which includes inspecting tubs, agitators, drive belts and replacing worn out parts. Our quick turnaround times make us the top choice for semi-automatic washing machine repairs in Kolkata.

    Common Washing  Machine Problems

    Here are some of the most commonly faced problems with a domestic microwave oven. Contact the best washing machine repair company in Kolkata for a quick diagnosis and repair at your doorstep.

    1. Washing machine not turning on

    Faulty power supply like a tripped breaker or blown fuse, defective door lock, faulty control board are common reasons for a washing machine not turning on.

    2. Washing machine not spinning

    Broken drive belt, faulty motor controller, stuck or worn out bearings can prevent the washing machine drum from spinning.

    3. Washing machine not draining

    Clogged drain pump, kinked drain hose, or defective drain pump motor are common causes for a washing machine not draining water.

    4. Washing machine leaking water

    Damaged water inlet valves, loose hose connections, cracked water pump, or leaking door seals could lead to water leaking from a washing machine.

    5. Washing machine making strange noises

    Worn out bearings, defective motor, loose components, or broken drive pulley can cause abnormal noises in a washing machine.

    6. Washing machine vibrating excessively

    Unbalanced load, broken shock absorbers, bent drum, worn out tub bearings are common reasons for a washing machine to vibrate excessively.

    7. Washing machine door/lid not locking

    Mechanical failure of the latch, faulty door lock sensor or defective door lock switches can lead to the washing machine door not locking properly.

    Washing Machine Service Cost in Kolkata

    Repair ServiceService Charge
    Top Loading Washing Machine Repair₹350 (Spare parts cost extra)
    Front Loading Washing Machine Repair₹350 (Spare parts cost extra)
    Fully Automatic Washing Machine Repair₹350 (Spare parts cost extra)
    Semi Automatic Washing Machine Repair₹350 (Spare parts cost extra)
    * Rate may change while you are viewing this

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    Why Choose Us?

    Experienced technicians

    We have experienced and skilled technicians who can handle all kinds of washing machine repair issues.

    Service Guarantee

    Our repair services come with a guarantee to ensure customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

    Convenient service

    Our repair technicians can come to your home at a convenient time to carry out repairs, saving you time and effort.

    Customer support

    We provide excellent customer support and are always available to answer any queries you may have.

    Affordable rates

    We offer competitive rates for our repair services without compromising on the quality of service.

    Genuine parts

    We use only genuine and high-quality parts for washing machine repairs to ensure long-lasting performance.

    Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs ):

    Our service charge for washing machine repair in Kolkata is Rs 300 for inspection and the total price varies depending on the brand like Samsung, LG, Whirlpool etc and the parts that need replacement.

    Yes, our washing machine service centre provides emergency repair even on weekends, at night till 7 PM to ensure the crucial home appliance functions smoothly.

    We use high-quality OEM spare parts regardless of brand – Godrej, Videocon, IFB etc to guarantee adequate post-repair performance.

    Yes, spare parts cost is not included in our upfront service rates.

    Our quick technicians take 1-2 days on average to repair washing machines efficiently for brands like Panasonic, LG, Whirlpool etc.

    We provide 1 month service guarantee on all washing machine repairs done by our trusted service centre near you.

    Customers can pay online or cash on delivery, whichever is more convenient, for our finest washing machine repair services in Kolkata.

    Yes, our technicians sanitize themselves thoroughly and follow all COVID-19 safety protocols to fix your washing machine.

    Our experienced technicians are trained to repair the latest models of top-load or front-load washing machines regardless of brand.

    Besides washing machines, we also provide service for home appliances like refrigerators, microwave ovens, RO purifiers in Howrah, Rajarhat etc.