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IFB Customer Service for Washing Machine,
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IFB Home Appliance Service Centre

IFB is a well-known name in major consumer home appliance products in Kolkata. They have a few retail outlets named IFB Points through which they sell and provide after-sales support. Besides there are a few dedicated authorized IFB Service Centre in Kolkata that specializes in repairing and maintaining IFB AC, IFB washing machine, IFB refrigerator, IFB microwave oven etc. Customers can request service by calling the customer care number or submitting an online complaint. Customer care WhatsApp chat is also available for quick assistance. The centre provides timely and efficient services, earning a reputation for customer satisfaction.

IFB Customer Care Phone ( Out of Warranty )

IFB cares about all of its customers even if they have overcome warranty periods for their appliances. Customer satisfaction is the primary objective of an IFB service centre.

Call:  +91 9804 290 119. ( Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM and on Sunday from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM )

IFB Customer Care WhatsApp chat support: +91 9123853973

You can also contact us using the contact form below to receive a call from our customer care executive. Book a service technician conveniently now.

IFB Customer Care ( Warranty Only )

Customer care / Free Installation ( 24X7 ): 080 458 45678
Customer email support: [email protected]
Customer chat: https://cb.ifbsupport.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IFBappliances
IFB Industries Limited, 2, Plot No. IND-5, Sector-1, East Kolkata, Kolkata, India – 700107

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  • No advance booking fees
  • Quick and efficient service
  • Wide range models serviced
  • Affordable pricing
  • Convenient scheduling & on-time arrival
  • Only genuine parts with 3 month’s warranty
  • 1-month service guarantee
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Kolkata – Salt Lake – New Town – Rajarhat

    IFB Washing Machine Service Centre in Kolkata

    IFB Front Load Washing Machine service ★  IFB Top Load Washing Machine service ★  IFB Fully-Automatic Washing Machine service ★  IFB Semi-Automatic Washing Machine service ★ IFB washing machine Water pump service ★ IFB Washing machine Water inlet control valve service ★ IFB washing machine Agitator or paddles service ★ IFB washing machine motor service ★ IFB washing machine Drain pipe service ★ IFB washing machine Printed circuit board (PCB) service ★ IFB washing machine Timer service ★ IFB washing machine Heating element service ★ IFB washing machine  service

    IFB Microwave Oven Service Centre in Kolkata

    IFB Convection Microwave Oven service ★  IFB Solo Microwave Oven service ★  IFB Grill Microwave Oven service ★ IFB Microwave Magnetron Assembly service ★ IFB Microwave Waveguide service ★ IFB Microwave Transformer service ★ IFB Microwave Cooling Fan service ★ IFB Microwave Control Panel service ★ IFB Microwave oven Door service ★ IFB Microwave oven case service

    IFB AC Service in Kolkata

    IFB Window AC service in Kolkata service in Kolkata ★ IFB Split AC service in Kolkata ★ IFB Portable AC service in Kolkata ★ IFB Central AC service in Kolkata ★ IFB Ductless Mini-Split AC service in Kolkata ★ IFB Smart AC service in Kolkata ★ IFB Inverter AC service in Kolkata ★ IFB AC gas charging/filling  service ★ IFB AC jet cleaning  service ★ IFB AC Shifting service ★ IFB AC Fan Motor Repair  service ★ IFB AC Fan Compressor  service ★ IFB AC Gas Charging service ★ IFB AC PCB Replace service ★ IFB AC thermostat service ★ IFB AC compressor service ★ IFB AC condenser  service ★ IFB AC expansion valve service ★ IFB AC evaporator service ★ IFB AC blower fan service ★ IFB AC ducts service

    IFB Refrigerator Service Centre in Kolkata

    IFB fridge water leaking service ★ IFB fridge not cooling service ★ IFB fridge noise problem service ★ IFB fridge door not closing issue service ★ IFB fridge high first build-up service ★ IFB fridge electric consumption service ★ IFB fridge earthing issue service ★ IFB Fridge Compressor service  ★ IFB fridge  Refrigerant service  ★ IFB fridge  Condenser service  ★ IFB fridge  Evaporator service  ★ IFB fridge  Thermostat service  ★ IFB fridge  Defrost System service  ★ IFB fridge  Diffuser service  ★ IFB fridge  Freezer service  ★ IFB fridge  Door Gasket service  ★ IFB fridge  Light Switch service  ★ IFB fridge  Shelves service  ★ IFB fridge  Refrigerator Door service  ★ IFB fridge  Drain Pan service  ★ IFB fridge  Water Dispenser service

    Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs ):

    IFB provides free services for AC, washing machine, fridge & microwave within the warranty period.

    You can raise an IFB service request by calling customer support at +91 9804 290 119 ( out of warranty ) & 080 458 45678 ( warranty ).

    IFB is not owned by Bosch. In fact, IFB collaborated with Bowsch to manufacture a fully automated washing machine in India.

    IFB washing machine warranty period is a minimum of 4 years.

    IFB  Service Centre Near Me

    IFB has many authorized service centres in Kolkata. We cover a larger service area in Kolkata, Salt Lake & Rajarhat – New Town including these prominent places in Kolkata: IFB service centre in Salt Lake City – 700064, IFB service centre in Park Street – 700016, IFB service centre in Ballygunge – 700019, IFB service centre in Alipore – 700027, IFB service centre in New Town – 700156, IFB service centre in Rajarhat – 700136, IFB service centre in Garia – 700084, IFB service centre in Behala – 700034, IFB service centre in Dum Dum – 700028, IFB service centre in Howrah – 711101, IFB service centre in Tollygunge – 700033, IFB service centre in Jadavpur – 700032, IFB service centre in Dhakuria – 700031, IFB service centre in Kalighat – 700026, IFB service centre in Kasba – 700042, IFB service centre in Bhowanipore – 700020, IFB service centre in Baranagar – 700036, IFB service centre in Barrackpore – 700120, IFB service centre in Shyambazar – 700004, IFB service centre in Baguiati – 700059