Bajaj Geyser Service Centre in Barasat

Bajaj Electricals Customer Support for Geysers & Water Heaters

Bajaj Geyser customer care Number (Expired Warranty)

PH: +91 9123 853 973 (Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM)
Address: Ghola Kachary Rd, Barasat, Kolkata, West Bengal 700124

Bajaj Geyser customer care

Toll-free number: 1800 102 5936
Service-related queries: 022 – 4128 0000 (9.00 AM To 6.00 PM)
Customer support email: [email protected]
Customer support WhatsApp: 7039920000
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9123 853 973 

    Bajaj Water Heater Repair Service Barasat

    When it comes to electrical appliances for households and businesses, Bajaj Electricals is a top brand in India, including in Barasat, West Bengal. Bajaj offers a wide range of products like geysers and water heaters.

    In Barasat, Bajaj has authorized service centres equipped with knowledgeable customer support and repair technicians. The Bajaj geyser customer care team is excellent in diagnosing problems over the phone and dispatching technicians for repairs, installation, and maintenance of Bajaj geysers.

    If you face any issues with your Bajaj geyser in Barasat, call the helpline number. The staff will register your complaint, troubleshoot over the phone, escalate if needed, and schedule a home visit by a Bajaj technician the same day. All India Service Center is reputed as the leading Bajaj geyser service centre in Barasat, providing prompt doorstep service and 30-day guarantee on their work. Our service area covers a large area in Barasat including Gupta colony, Chapadali More, Sukanta Nagar, Milanpally, Bhatrapally, Kazipara, Madhyamgram, Ashoknagar, Noapara etc.

    Bajaj Geyser Services Offered

    Bajaj geyser technicians offer comprehensive geyser repair and maintenance services at your doorstep in Barasat. For electrical, gas, solar, storage, and instant geysers, they provide AMC, installation, uninstallation, and expert fixes for any problem. Electrical faults, gas valve issues, solar panel malfunctions, storage tank leaks – our technicians can diagnose and repair them all. With access to original Bajaj spare parts, they will get your geyser running optimally. They also handle required plumbing works like pipe replacement. With 30 years of experience, we service all Bajaj geyser models efficiently. Trust us for your geyser needs.

    • Bajaj geyser installation & uninstallation
    • Bajaj geyser electrical geyser service in Barasat
    • Bajaj gas geyser service in Barasat
    • Bajaj geyser Water leaking issue service in Barasat
    • Bajaj geyser Overheating problem service in Barasat
    • Bajaj geyser Water is no heating service in Barasat
    • Bajaj geyser body / earthing problem service in Barasat
    • Bajaj geyser is not turning on service in Barasat
    • Bajaj geyser Hard water deposit service in Barasat
    • Bajaj geyser noise problem service in Barasat

    Bajaj Water Heater Service Charges

    Bajaj geyser repair service depends on several factors. Type of geyser (electrical, gas, solar), specific service needed (installation, leak fix, full breakdown), spare parts required, technician availability in customer’s area – all impact service delivery. Gas geyser repairs may be quicker than extensive electrical faults. Spare parts replacement may cause delays. Customers in remote locations may cost higher. However, our experienced Bajaj geyser technicians always aim to diagnose issues swiftly and deliver timely, high-quality service irrespective of geyser type and location.

    TasksService Charges (Excl. Spare Parts)
    Electric Geyser ServiceINR 300
    Gas Geyser ServiceINR 300
    Geyser Installation & UninstallationINR 300
    Geyser Not Heating or OverheatingINR 300
    Geyser Leaking WaterINR 300
    Geyser Earthing ProblemsINR 300
    Other Geyser ProblemsINR 300

    Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs ):

    There may be multiple reasons why a Bajaj geyser stops working like, electrical connection issues, sediment build-up, thermostat problems etc. Contact +91 9804 290 119 for support.

    Depending on the product Bajaj geyser warranty period varies from 1 to 2 years.

    After purchasing the product you get a warranty card to check the warranty period.

    If you had already registered your Bajaj geyser here:, you can contact toll free number: 1800 102 5936 to claim warranty.