Do We Need Stabiliser For Washing Machine? Find Out Here!

Worried about voltage fluctuations damaging your washing machine? Read our blog to know whether you need a stabilizer for washing machines, their importance, types, and more! Get your doubts cleared today.

Key Learning Points:

  • A washing machine requires a consistent and adequate voltage supply to function properly, and voltage fluctuations can damage it.
  • The voltage range required by a washing machine is usually between 110V and 220V.
  • Low voltage affects the performance and functioning of a washing machine, increasing the wash cycle time and impacting the machine’s performance, and can eventually damage it.
  • A stabilizer is a device that manages the input voltage fluctuations and regulates the output voltage in a specific range to provide stable voltage to the machine.
  • It is not necessary to install a stabilizer if you live in a region with no or few power fluctuations, but prevention is better than cure.
  • A stabilizer is required for Bosch and Whirlpool washing machines to increase their life and smooth operations.

The smooth functioning of a machine depends upon a consistent and adequate voltage supply, and small voltage fluctuations can damage the machine completely. A washing machine is a very important home appliance, and its malfunctioning can cause serious trouble.

A washing machine also requires a consistent and adequate voltage supply, and like every machine; it can also get damaged if the output voltage is less or more than the specified range. This is where stabilizers came into existence. Stabilizers are the best way to save your washing machine from power fluctuations and give your machine a long and healthy life.

But Do We Need Stabiliser For Washing Machine?

Now almost everyone knows the importance of stabilizers; very few people know whether to use them with washing machines or not. Here in this blog, we will discuss whether you need stabilizers for washing machines, their function, whether they are really important for different washing machines, etc. So let’s get into it.

What voltage does the washing machine use?

Every machine operates on a specific voltage range. Now washing machines are powerful appliances, especially if you talk about heavy washers, so they require a powerful voltage.

There is no specific voltage, but yes, most of the washing machines operate either on 110 Volts or 220 Volts. 110 Volts is a standard household voltage in most countries, and low-capacity to medium-capacity washing machines can smoothly function on it.

For highly powerful washers, 220V is enough, which is the peak voltage a washing machine can require. So the optimum voltage range required by a washing machine is 110V to 220V.In some cases or countries, it may differ by 10 or 20 points more or less.

Does low voltage affect the washing machine?

Of course, yes! The performance and functioning of a washing machine heavily depend upon the voltage. Voltage simply means power, and the more power, the more powerful and smooth functioning.

Usually, the low voltage does not damage the machine, but yes, it increases the wash cycle time. It also impacts the machine’s performance, and thus it will not function properly. Operating a machine on low voltage for a long time can damage the machine.

Similarly, too low a voltage can heavily damage the machine. Overall a low voltage will not give you the expected results by your machine, and most importantly, it will kill a lot of time. Sometimes your washing machine even didn’t start up due to low voltage.

What do stabilizers do for a washing machine?

A stabilizer is a device that manages the input voltage fluctuations and regulates the output voltage in a specific range. You can know the job of a stabilizer by its name which means it simply stabilizes the fluctuating voltages and provides stable output voltage in the set range.

The working and importance of stabilizers are the same for every machine. So in the case of washing machines, also it stabilizes the changing voltages and supplies the optimum voltage to the machine.

A stabilizer is important for overload and underload. Thus stabilizers save your washing machines from high and low voltages and help the machine function smoothly.

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Is it necessary to install a stabilizer?

After reading the blog till now, you have known the importance of stabilizers.

Well, it is not necessary to install stabilizers if you are living in a region where there are no or very few power fluctuations. Due to modern power supply infrastructure, few regions witness frequent power fluctuations, but prevention is always better than cure.

Installing a stabilizer will not harm your washing machine in any case, but avoiding it may damage it sometime. And if you are living in an area where power fluctuations are common and intense, you must install a stabilizer; otherwise, your machine will not serve you for a long time. Ultimately installing a stabilizer will always have a positive impact.

What happens if you don’t use a stabilizer for the washing machine?

Now let’s discuss what type of damage your machine can face without stabilizers. Usually, the main motor and its coil get damaged in case of high voltage. It mainly causes overheating, which also damages crucial parts like circuit boards.

In case of low voltage, you will not see serious damage, but yes, it impacts the motor and other functioning parts. Usually, in case of low voltages, machines didn’t start up, reducing the risk of damage.

Types of stabilizers are used for washing machines

A lot of stabilizers are available in the market, like servo controlled, static, digital, automatic, etc. Now every stabilizer does the same job, but their mechanism and functioning are slightly different.

Today digital and automatic stabilizers are mostly used for home appliances. These stabilizers are based on modern technology and do most of their job automatically.

Secondly, they are portable, durable, powerful, and, most importantly, power efficient. These stabilizers are also used in modern appliances as inbuilt stabilizers.

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Is a stabilizer required for a Bosch washing Machine?

Well, the answer is Yes. Bosch is a highly popular brand offering advanced and powerful washing machines.

But to increase your machine’s life and smooth operations, you need a stabilizer. Even if you are purchasing their top washing machine with advanced features, it is advised to install a stabilizer.

Is a stabilizer required for Whirlpool Washing Machines?

Yes, you need a stabilizer for a Whirlpool washing machine. Whirlpool is a leader when it comes to washing machines as it has produced some of the highly advanced and innovative washing machines, but if you witness high voltage fluctuations in your area, just purchase a stabilizer.

It will be highly beneficial for your pocket and your machine as well.

Is a stabilizer required for Samsung Washing Machines?

Now Samsung is an undisputed champion in the home appliances industry, and their washing machines are among the best. Samsung takes care of customer convenience a lot, but in the case of washing machines, you have to install a stabilizer.

However, some top-end machines come with inbuilt, but overall it is advised to use a stabilizer to enjoy the best functioning of the Samsung machine.

Where to buy stabilizers online?

Stabilizers are easily available offline as well as online. You can easily purchase stabilizers online from e-commerce marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart.

Apart from e-commerce marketplaces, you can purchase stabilizers from the brand’s official website. Some of the popular Microtek, V-Guard, Aulten, and ABC transformers.

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A stabilizer is a very important device for every home appliance. Home appliances are costly and made for long use, but a little voltage fluctuation can damage them completely. You can leave all your tension aside by spending a small amount on stabilizers. It will also provide long life to the washing machine and save you money on repair and replacement.