Washing Machine Making Noise? Steps To Fix Now [2024]

woman sitting in front of a washing machine

Key Learning Points:

  • Washing machines often make noise and it is a common issue that can lead to malfunctioning if not addressed properly.
  • There are different types of noises, each with different causes, which can be technical or non-technical.
  • Common technical reasons for noise include a clogged drain pump filter, damaged bearings, a damaged drive belt, and a damaged motor control board.
  • Common non-technical reasons include uneven load distribution, high water pressure, and placement issues.
  • Regular cleaning and maintenance can prevent many of these issues, and professional repair services may be required for more technical problems.

Washing machines are undoubtedly one of the most important home appliances nowadays, and like every machinery, it also troubles users sometimes.

Though modern machines are highly advanced and efficient and due to great quality, you will not find complex issues, but yes, there is one issue that is still very common.

So we are talking about the washing machine making noise. It is still the most common issue in most washing machines, but it doesn’t mean it is not a serious issue.

Avoiding noise issues in your washing machine may get you in serious trouble, and your machine may malfunction badly.

But don’t worry; we will tell you how to get rid of this issue. In this blog, we will discuss everything about washing machine sound problem, their reasons, and easy solutions.

Why is the washing machine making noise?

Now there can be multiple reasons why washing machines make noise. We will discuss later with an easy solution.

Firstly, let’s know what type of noises you can hear from your washing machines because different noises represent different issues.

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Here are some common noises: clicking, grinding, banging, loud noise, humming, squealing, etc. Now, these noises may occur due to different reasons, and most importantly, these reasons can be technical as well as non-technical.

These noises often occur due to regular mistakes a person makes while washing, loading, and operating the machine.

Is the washing machine making noise while spinning?

Yes, washing machines may often make noise during spinning; even washing machines make noise while spinning the most.

Generally, the reason behind the washing machine making noise while spinning is non-technical i,e, it occurs due to human mistakes. The most common reason is a heavy load.

Yes, if you load the machine with more capacity, it will obviously make some noise. But when you load stuff unevenly, it will make noise because it will be difficult to distribute the load, especially in the case of heavy clothes.

Now the technical reason is a clogged drain pump filter. So always load the machine evenly and try to fill the machine below its max capacity. Also, cleaning the drain pump filter regularly is a good practice to avoid such noises.

Is the washing machine making noise while filling with water?

Yes, it is very common, but it is not a serious issue, i.e. it will not impact the technical functionality of the machine, but yes, it will impact the operations. The most common reason is high water pressure. High water pressure can sometimes create heavy noise, especially when water valves are not set correctly. To avoid this, all you have to do this adjust the valves in different positions. Another general reason behind this issue is the restricted water inlet valve and the solution for the same is very simple: just clean it regularly.

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Is Your Washing Machine Making Noise When Agitating?

A washing machine makes noise during agitation the most. Now, this noise occurs due to technical issues as well as faulty parts.

The most common reason is a change in direction by the agitator. This is necessary so you can avoid this noise. However, if a machine makes a loud noise, there is a high chance that the drive pulley is broken.

In that case, if you replace the drive pulley, your machine will not make that noise. Worn-out bearings are one of the strongest reasons behind washing machines making loud noise when agitating.

To fix this, you have to lubricate the bearings, and in some cases, you have to repair them. In very few cases, the noise occurs due to technical issues like damaged motor control board, malfunctioned drive motor, etc. In such cases, you need a professional repair service.

How to fix a noisy washing machine?

Now we will discuss some common issues that create unavoidable sound along with their reasons and possible solution. So let’s get into it.

Uneven platform & location

Now, this is the first reason why every washing machine makes noise and every time we avoid this reason. The placement of the washing machine matters a lot. Whether you talk about uneven platform & ground or wall knocking, these placement issues can create serious noises. You have to be very careful while placing your washing machine. Choose an even and smooth surface, and even placing it on the counter, make sure it is spacious.

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Loose parts & malfunctioned bearings

A washing machine comprises multiple bearings and other small parts. Now, these parts work continuously, and thus they get damaged easily.

Damaged and tight bearings cause loud noises and even affect the functioning of the machines.

To fix this issue, you have to lubricate them regularly, and if the issue remains, just replace them because not every time lubrication works. Loose parts often cause noises; in that case, you need professional repair service.


Everyone knows that the main function of a washing machine is to remove dirt from the laundry. During washing, a lot of dirt and other unwanted stuff gets stuck into various filters, pumps and tiny valves.

These clogged parts and filters directly impact the operations of the machines and cause irritating noise. Regularly cleaning these parts or the machine as a whole will eliminate most unwanted noises.

Damaged Drive Belt 

The drive belt is one of the most important parts of a washing machine. It is directly related to the spinning of the machine, and any damage to this belt can also impact the performance of the motor.

You can easily purchase new drive belts and replace them with your own. However, it is advised to call a professional to do this job. One possible reason behind the washing machine spin noise is the loosened drive belt, and you can fix this issue on your own.

Old or poor build machine

If your washing machine is old, it’s obvious that it will create unnecessary noise, and you can’t do anything about that. Similarly, poor build washing machines, which are usually cheaper, make loud noises.

The fix or solution for this issue is always to buy a branded washing machine with the latest technology and superior build quality.


Machinery heavily impacts our lifestyle, and there is no reason to avoid any issues. Washing machine sound problem can’t be avoided because it can make the whole machine suffer serious technical issues.

Regular cleaning and maintenance are required to eliminate sound issues. Buying superior build quality machines with the latest tech and intelligent working systems is always advised.