Washing Machine Service Charges List in Kolkata

Get informed about the cost of repairing washing machines in Kolkata. Learn how to choose a reliable and affordable service provider for top and front-loading machines.

Washing machines are a vital appliance in any household, but they can break down unexpectedly, requiring repair or maintenance services. However, there is no fixed cost for repairing washing machines, as the cost of spare parts, time taken to repair, and labour charges vary from one service provider to another. 

It is important to know the cost of repair before contacting a washing machine service centre in Kolkata to avoid any unpleasant surprises or hidden charges. By being aware of the charges, you can make an informed decision and choose a service provider that fits your budget and requirements. 

Therefore, it is crucial to do your research and gather information about the service charges of various washing machine service providers in Kolkata before availing their services. Below are the detailed pricing of our washing machine services for both top loading and front loading washing machines.

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Semi automatic & fully automatic washing machine service cost ( for expired warranty )

Below are the cost of washing machine service and their spare parts with guarantee or warranty information. The service cost & spare parts price varies from time to time.

Services / Spare partsVisiting FeesSpare Parts CostService GuaranteeSpare parts Warranty
Machine not turning on₹ 35030 days
Water not filling up or draining properly₹ 35030 days
Machine vibrating excessively during operation₹ 35030 days
Agitator not moving or moving too slowly₹ 35030 days
Spin cycle not working or clothes not spinning dry₹ 35030 days
Machine making loud noises during operation₹ 35030 days
Machine leaking water₹ 35030 days
Timer or control panel not functioning properly₹ 35030 days
Door or lid not closing or latching properly₹ 35030 days
Excessive foam or suds in the machine₹ 35030 days
Motor repair or replacement₹ 350₹ 1000 – 200030 days90 days
Water inlet valve replacement₹ 350₹ 500 – 200030 days90 days
Drain pump repair or replacement₹ 350₹ 1500 – 500030 days90 days
Gearbox repair or replacement₹ 350₹ 900 – 300030 days90 days
Timer or control panel repair or replacement₹ 350₹ 250 – 90030 days90 days
Belt replacement₹ 350₹ 400 – 100030 days90 days
Agitator repair or replacement₹ 350₹ 500 – 100030 days90 days
Lid switch replacement₹ 350₹ 500 – 100030 days90 days
Pressure switch replacement₹ 350₹ 500 – 100030 days90 days
Tub repair or replacement₹ 350₹ 2000 – 500030 days90 days
Capacitor replacement₹ 350₹ 300 – 60030 days90 days
Spin basket repair or replacement₹ 350₹ 200 – 40030 days90 days
Water level sensor repair or replacement₹ 350₹ 400 – 70030 days90 days
Suspension system repair or replacement₹ 350₹ 1000 – 150030 days90 days
Clutch repair or replacement₹ 350₹ 1000 – 150030 days90 days
Inlet hose pipe faucet replacement₹ 350₹ 200 – 40030 days90 days
Control knob or dial replacement₹ 350₹ 200 – 40030 days90 days
Lint filter repair₹ 350₹ 200 – 40030 days90 days

Washing machine cleaning service cost in Kolkata

Like repairing a washing machine to make it functional again, a user also keeps it clean to prevent damage. It should be cleaned from both outside and inside. If you don’t have the technical know-how of the washing machine it is highly suggested to call for help from the washing machine service centre.

The washing machine technicians will clean and do a basic inspection to detect any issues that may break out in future. The cost of washing machine cleaning also varies from place to place depending on the service provider and the type of washing machine.

The average starting cost of cleaning a washing machine in India is around ₹ 500