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Havells Electricals Customer Support for Geysers & Water Heaters

Havells Geyser Service Center Contact (Expired Warranty)

PH: +91 9804 290 119 (Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM)
Address: Ghola Kachary Road, Barasat, Kolkata, West Bengal – 700124

Havells Geyser customer care

Customer Care No.: 08045771313
WhatsApp Support: 9711773333
Customer support email: [email protected]
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Havells
Twitter: https://twitter.com/havellsindia
IG: https://www.instagram.com/havells__india/?hl=en

    Havells Water Heater Service Centre in Barasat

    Discover the Diverse Range of Havells Water Heaters and Geysers in Various Capacities to Suit Your Needs. The Havells Geyser Service Centre in Barasat Ensures Effective After-Sales Assistance, with Authorized Service Centers Spread Across India. Customers can easily register service requests, inquire about warranties, or schedule geyser installations/repairs by visiting their nearest service center.

    Known for its efficient same-day service, the Havells Geyser Service Centre in Barasat, a part of the All India Service Center network, stands out as one of the finest in the industry. Customers can avail support through calls, WhatsApp, or online submissions. Covering key areas in Barasat, including Park Street, Salt Lake, New Town, Garia, and Behala, the service center provides customers with seamless access for geyser servicing and repairs.

    Havells Geyser Services Offered

    If you’re facing issues with your water heater in Barasat, consider availing yourself of the reliable Havells Water Heater Repair Service in Barasat. This service caters to various types of water heaters, including electric, gas, solar, storage, and instant heating models. Experienced technicians handle general servicing, breakdown repairs, and installation or uninstallation of your water heater at your location.

    As the best water heater service in Barasat use authentic Havells components to replace faulty parts, ensuring the proper functionality and safety of your appliance. The service covers inspection, cleaning, part replacement, gas charging, and necessary plumbing to address common issues like leakage, clogging, or overflow. For any assistance or to schedule geyser installation, you can reach out to Havells customer care. Additionally, opting for regular AMC contracts ensures scheduled preventive maintenance, keeping your water heater in optimal working condition.

    • Havells geyser installation and uninstallation
    • Havells geyser electrical geyser service in Barasat
    • Havells Storage geyser service in Barasat
    • Havells Solar Geyser service in Barasat
    • Havells geyser maintenance service in Barasat
    • Havells gas geyser service in Barasat
    • Havells geyser Water leaking issue service in Barasat
    • Havells geyser Overheating problem service in Barasat
    • Havells geyser Water is not heating service in Barasat
    • Havells geyser body/earthing problem service in Barasat
    • Havells geyser is not turning on service in Barasat
    • Havells geyser Hard water deposit service in Barasat
    • Havells geyser noise problem service in Barasat

    Havells Water Heater Service Charges

    The fees for Havells geyser services depend on factors like the needed service type—breakdown repair, installation, regular maintenance, etc. Furthermore, the cost varies based on the geyser type (gas or electric), its capacity, and whether spare part replacement is necessary. The service charges are also influenced by the location, with higher fees for remote areas. Additional charges may apply for emergency or same-day services. The overall goal is to maintain reasonable costs, taking into account the nature of the work. Customers can request a service quote by contacting the Havells geyser repair center in Barasat.

    TasksService Charges (Excl. Spare Parts)
    Electric Geyser ServiceINR 300
    Gas Geyser ServiceINR 300
    Geyser Installation & UninstallationINR 300
    Geyser Not Heating or OverheatingINR 300
    Geyser Leaking WaterINR 300
    Geyser Earthing ProblemsINR 300
    Other Geyser ProblemsINR 300

    Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs ):

    If your warranty still exists you need to visit the official Havells website and ask for a visit here: https://www.havells.com/en/contact-us.html

    Yes, Havells is a renowned company in the geyser and water heater sector in Kolkata.

    No, the customers need to pay the amount for out-of-warranty geyser service. Contact: 9804 290 119 for more info.

    Yes, we provide genuine parts with a 3-month warranty for all home appliances we repair.